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How Live Video Can Amplify Your Message

How Live Video Can Amplify Your Message

If your business already produces video content for promotional and/or branding purposes,  great. But now it’s time to take the next step. Enhance  your digital strategy with live video to  broaden your reach and raise your profile.

Social media users spend three times longer watching live videos vs. prerecorded ones, according to Social Media Today. This means going live gives you more time to get your message across, more time to showcase your company, product, campaign or service. This  not only lets viewers better understand your firm, but also better cements your brand in their memory. Use  live video to engage deeply, with especially memorable, unique content. And  make sure they get the impression you want them to get.

Compelling content is the number-one reason that people watch live video, and video quality is the most important factor for those watching. Realize that live video has different technical challenges than pre-produced video and adjust accordingly. Broadcast from a high-quality device over a strong internet connection. If possible, rehearse what the talent will do and say during the stream. Take steps to insulate yourself from the vicissitudes of the live environment,  such as obnoxious photo bombers or sudden inclement weather.

Finally,  don’t just go live out of the blue. Plan your live broadcasts and promote them through all appropriate channels. Buzz will garner viewers and ultimately give you a multiplier effect in terms of eyes.

 Live video lets you hold more people’s attention for longer, allowing you to present your message dynamically and memorably. Don’t waste the opportunity!

Do you need help producing your live video content for distribution on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram? IntellisMedia is a Facebook Live Video Production Company in Tampa, FL that can help you get video content to the right audience. Contact us today!

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